Zeddy 1250 Changing the way you feed your animals

With Zeddy you can alter and monitor your herds feed consumption anywhere in the world using your phone.

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About Zeddy 1250

Instant Alerts
Feed 200 Animals
Optimised Growth
Minimised Feed Costs
The Zeddy 1250 is a stand alone towable unit that has the capacity for 1.25 cubic metres of dry feed. The Zeddy 1250 feeder makes farming smarter and more simple. The Zeddy 1250 is suitable for cows, calves, deer, and goats. It identifies every animal by its RFID ear tag and dispenses an individual predetermined amount of feed.
Through Zeddy’s dashboard you can identify and set customisable feed diets for each animal by allowing each animal to have a set feed diet. This removes competition for dry feed and allows all animals to get their daily feed. A complete feed history can be viewed via the dashboard which also alerts you to any animal anomalies.

Zeddy 1250 features

Optimise Nutrition

Zeddy Dry 1250 optimises nutrition for each and every animal to produce better quality, more consistent animals, faster.

You're In Control

Zeddy Dry Feeder sends information for all parameters to your smartphone or computer, so you’re in control with less effort.

Identify Each Animal

Zeddy Dry Feeder can identify every single animal by its RFID ear tag and dispense a predetermined amount of feed.

Zero Waste

All dry feed is stored in a closed hopper. With Zeddy Dry Feeder no feed is wasted by being exposed to the elements. All animals have set rations which results in no over feeding. Zero waste results in lower feed bills for the farm.

Better Start

Animals fed with the Zeddy Dry Feeder get a consistent feed amount regularly, allowing for optimal nutrition from the get go. You’ll reduce illness and raise consistently good animals.

Set Feed Amounts

Zeddy can set feed size to individual amounts also allowing smaller, more natural portions through the day, encouraging good development in young stock and insuring every animal gets its fair share.

On the Farm

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