A Few Words About Zeddy

Zeddy was established in 2014 under the name CalfSMART. Over the last few years our team has strived to build an automatic milk feeding system that would surpass anything on the market, with robust hardware for New Zealand conditions. We have now turned all of our experience to also produce a range of smart meal feed trailers.

Zeddy is now producing a leading range of automatic calf milk feeding systems and a range of meal feeders for calves, heifers, dairy and beef herds, goat and deer. Zeddy's products enable farmers to monitor, control and feed the optimal diet to ensure long term productivity.


Tom Gwilliam, Dairy Farmer, Manawatu

We installed a CalfSMART automatic feeding system in Spring 2016. CalfSMART has revolutionised the way we run our operation over the calving period. Before investing in CalfSMART, looking after the calves was a laborious process.  With CalfSMART we have been able to spend less time in the calf shed without compromising the animals’ health. The bull calves we sold have fetched premiums in the area. Our heifers reached weaning weight much faster than if they had been manually fed.

The best thing about CalfSMART for us is being able to track individual animal’s wellbeing and health, which has enabled us to quickly identify animals that are struggling and alter their diet to rectify.  We are looking forward to seeing the difference in production versus previous years when these cows reach maturity.

Richard McIntyre, Dairy Farmer, Foxton

Automation allows operators to treat cows as individuals for milk production. For example robotic milkers, in shed feeding systems and the utilising of programs like Protrack and Minda. CalfSMART is the first of its kind to allow this for calves – feed as individuals and monitor weight compared to New Zealand's commonly used, labour intensive, conventional group calf rearing practise.

I have owned and operated a CalfSMART system for 6 seasons and with automation it allows me control over each individual calf rather than allocating intakes based on an average, even within a group situation. This allows reduced time to weaning, full control of all inputs, the ability to monitor animals continuously and save on downstream management.