Zeddy Dry 1250

Automatic Dry Feed Machine 1.25 cubic meter capacity
  • Ensuring maximum productivity for feed costs.
  • Dramatically reduce your dry feed bills.
  • Removes competition for dry feed.
  • Feeds up to 300 cows per unit.
  • Zero meal wastage.
  • Monitoring and improving animal health.

Zeddy Dry 500

Automatic Dry Feed Machine 0.5 cubic meter capacity
  • Optimises nutrition for every calf
  • Feeds up to 250 calves per unit
  • Ensures even growth rates between calves
  • Maximises rumen development
  • Monitoring and improving animal health
  • Identify and set customisable weaning goals

CalfSMART Automatic Milk Feeder

  • Reduced labour, time and costs
  • Monitor weight gain of each calf
  • Natural, slower on-demand feeding allows all calves to feed naturally
  • Individual recipes for individual calves
  • Enables weaning by weight
  • Adds value by records all feed history of calves

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Zeddy is an agri-tech company based in Palmerston North, New Zealand which has used technology to produce unique, patented products to feed animals with individual diets for both milk and meal.

Key benefits

Increase profit

Optimum Health

Time Saving

Weight Management